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Guide to Linking Your Ad Accounts with AdHawk

Welcome to AdHawk – we’re excited to start simplifying your digital advertising!

This 3-step guide will get you up and running with AdHawk in just a couple of minutes:

  1. Create your AdHawk account
  2. Connect your ad accounts to the AdHawk App (for reporting tools)
  3. Grant AdHawk account permissions (for optimizations)

If you have any questions throughout the process, feel free to reach out to your AdHawk rep or send an email to

Step 1: Create your AdHawk account

To Create an account through your iPhone…

  • Go to the iTunes App store and download the AdHawk Advertising Dashboard
  • Open the app and click the  Sign Up  button at the bottom of the screen

*Our mobile app is currently only available on iOS, so Android users should follow the steps below to sign up using the mobile-responsive web application.

To Create an account on desktop…

  • Check your inbox for an email from AdHawk, subject “Activate your AdHawk account”
  • Click  Activate my account  and enter your desired password.

Step 2: Connect Your Ad Accounts to AdHawk

  • In the AdHawk platform, go to the Dashboard or Settings page
  • Click  +Link an Ad Account 
  • Select which accounts you would like to link!

Step 3: Grant AdHawk Account Permissions

*Please reach out to your AdHawk rep or email us at if you have any questions.


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