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Bing Ads Guide: The Image Ad Extension

Bing Ads rarely deviates from its role model, Google AdWords. In fact, Bing has pretty much followed Google AdWords move-for-move in creating a bid auction marketplace for advertisers.

There are a few nifty features Bing has tested in the past to try and sway new users. Today we’re breaking down Image Ad Extensions for Bing Ads. Why you should (or shouldn’t use them), what to expect in terms of performance, and how to set them up yourself.

 What is an Ad Extension?

Ad extensions are extra pieces of information about your business, product, or service that you can add to your advertisements. Really, they’re a no-brainer from a performance marketer’s perspective for 4 reasons:bing call extension

  • They’re free
  • They  improve your ad’s visibility both in terms of it’s size and also taking real-estate away from other ads and search results
  • They [unofficially] improve your ad’s quality score
  • There are 8 different types for many scenarios: Location, Call, Sitelink, App, Review, Callout, Structured Snippet, and Image.

Here’s an example of a click to call button generated from a Call Extension:

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What is an Image Ad Extension?

Image ad extensions add an image of your choosing to your ad.

Instead of the basic ad structure of – [Title] [URL] [2 line description] – Image ad extensions offer a visual element that can help your ad stand out from the competition.

Why should you use an Image Ad Extension?

Old adages like “A picture is worth a thousand words” stick around for a reason. Advertisers spend hours obsessing over ad title, text, and copy. It’s tough to sum up your product or service in 96 characters (131 if you include the URL).

We recommend using Image ad extensions if you’re selling goods rather than services. They’re also great if you haven’t had time or do not have the budget to set up Bing Shopping ads.

In general, images are an easy way to help the user understand what it is they’re clicking on. This may seem obvious, oftentimes people click not knowing what they’re clicking on. These clicks cost money, so giving the user as much information as possible BEFORE they cost you money, is an absolute best practice. This is why Google Shopping and Bing Shopping ads are mainly just a picture with a title.

Smart Tip: users may click on the picture before reading your ad, so it’s important to pair your image ad extension with careful negative keyword selection and keyword match-type use.

Image Ad Extension Dimensions and Specifications

Number of Images: 1 to 6
Acceptable File Types & Specifications: .jpeg .png .gif(no animation will show)
Minimum and Maximum Dimensions for Image Extensions:
Aspect Ratio Min. Dimensions (pixels) Max. Dimensions (pixels)
1.2 : 1 300 x 250 1200 x 1000
4 : 3 100 x 75 1333 x 1000
1.5 : 1 300 x 200 1500 x 1000
16 : 9 640 x 360 1778 x 1000
Bing’s Rec: 1.9 : 1 760 x 400 1900 x 1000
Image-Specific URL: Optional (recommended)

How to Create Image Ad Extensions in Bing Ads

  1. Sign in to your Bing Ads account.
  2. Click the campaign you wish to add the extension to  (Settings)
    1. Select  Ad Extensions from the top menu bar
    2. Find and click View: Location Extensions along the lefthand side of the screen
    3. Select Image Extensions
    4. Click Create ad extension
  3. Create your text ad to be paired with the Image:
    • Name/Display Text
    • Description (optional)
    • Destination URL
  4. Now you can choose to either upload your own image or choose an existing one. You can also edit how your image will appear by selecting which aspect ratio you like best. You can upload up to 6. 
  5. When you’re done uploading and editing click Save
  6. Lastly, click Use these images and BOOM!

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