Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #97

  • Firefox drops Yahoo for Google as default search provider
  • Facebook launched collaborative Stories for Groups and Events
  • Facebook launches dynamic ads for auto as mobile starts to ‘replace the showroom’

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #96

  • Twitter doubles character limit to 280, says longer tweets drive more engagement

  • Tencent could play a role redesigning Snapchat following $2B investment

  • Reddit releases the Reddit Conversion Pixel

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #95

  • Spending plans trigger Facebook stock retreat

  • Bing search revenue grows 15% after averaging 10% growth last year
  • Amazon Q3 ad revenues surpass $1 billion, almost 2x from early 2016

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #94

  • Twitter may finally have a profitable quarter, and its stock is soaring

  • Linkedin plans to teach all its engineers the basics of using AI
  • Google announces new Poynter partnership to train more news fact checkers globally

  • You can now PayPal friends in Messenger and get help via chat