1. 10 Marketing Podcasts to Geek Out On

Audio is one of the fastest growing mediums for consuming content. I wouldn’t be doing a very good job rounding up the best digital marketing content if I ignored audio. So. Here’s an awesome curated list of the top marketing podcasts

2. Early Impact of Google’s Removal of Side Ads

We broke the news a few months ago about Google’s removal of side ads. Since the facelift, there have been a number of important changes to the way organic and paid interact on the search results. Namely, brands have to work much harder to stay above the fold. Some searches show zero organic results above the mobile fold. Read more about other early findings

3. 4 Logical Fallacies Ruining Your Analytics

Gathering, organizing, and analyzing data are essential ongoing practices for your business. BUT, how can you be sure you’re measuring the right trends, or that those trends aren’t correlated with larger business red flags? Here are a few things you might be getting wrong with analytics 

4. Up and coming PPC Trends

The search, display, and overall paid media landscape is changing every day. Hear from Search Engine Land’s experts on what they say changing in the near future in their latest blog post.



5. How to Target Ads Based on Audience’s Income

Who is your core customer? The more detail you can give in answering this question, the more powerful AdWords and paid advertising can be for increasing market share. Learn how to capture specific income brackets in AdWords this week!



6. Google Launches Automotive Ads

Google Launches Automotive Ads – Google announced this week that it’s rolling out their new Automotive ads to all OEM advertisers in the US. According to Google, Automotive ads see a 30% increase in engagement on average when compared to standard text ads. Learn more.

automotive ads

7. Brands can now pin how-to guides on Pinterest

Brands have been given another way to engage customers on Pinterest with the launch of How-To Guides for brands. For now, How-To Guides are not part of Pinterest’s ad portfolio, but that is expected to change if the new format grows in popularity. Read more.

8. 8 Enlightening Digital Marketing Stats from the Past Week 

AdWeek reports on their weekly roundup of some of the best statistical trends and product milestones in the world of digital marketing, like: Salesforce GIF

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