Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #116

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We’re excited to have you back with your weekly roundup of the latest and greatest in digital advertising. This week, we’ve got some killer B2B remarketing tips, opinions about Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate hearing, and a hilarious Hawk Talks episode that we know you’ll love.

Let’s get started! 👊


Power up your B2B remarketing campaigns with 4 killer tricks

No marketing funnel is perfect, which is why digital advertisers must utilize remarketing to keep your funnel frictionless and leak-free. In this month’s Search Engine Land column, our CEO Todd Saunders uncovers 4 killer remarketing strategies to do just that! Read the full post here.


Google Scripts are pieces of code that automate certain aspects of your AdWords account. In this post, we share everything you need to know about scripts and we also include our 10 favorite ones to get you up and running.

3 MIN: Google launches reach planner for YouTube video campaigns | Relevance

This new AdWords tool projects video reach and frequency across devices. The Product Mix feature allows advertisers to input their marketing objectives and budget and will suggest the best Youtube advertising solution for you.
Zuckerberg’s Senate hearing raised questions about regulation, accountability, and transparency with data. Here’s an interesting take by Stratechery, which summarizes up the debate that all digital advertisers should be keeping a close eye on.


Are these bad ads real?

We run into a ton of bad ads every day. So we thought, why not make a game out of it? We did exactly that in this week’s hilarious episode of #HawkTalks.

Our Co-Founders Dan and Todd pitch everything from sloth shirts to meme apps. Watch now!

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