1. How to Optimize Videos for Conversions

Online video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. More than half of us watch some video online everyday. It’s time to turn views into value with these great tips from ConversionXL

2. The eCommerce Guide to Google Shopping [Infographic]

google shopping guide

Proper account structure is everything to running a successful  Google Shopping storefront. Learn how to most efficiently reach this ready-to-buy audience and put your sales machine on autopilot. Get the Google Shopping Guide.

3. Starbucks Turns Snapchat Selfies into Playful Ads

We love Snapchat and are getting really excited about how brands are starting to leverage it to engage potential customers. Check out this awesome example from Starbucks.



4. A Guide to AdWords Account Access: MCCs & Managing Access Levels Explained [Video Included]

Whether you’re onboarding a new employee on the marketing team, hiring a contractor, or saving a bunch of money bringing on a 3rd party software like AdHawk, it’s important to understand who has access to your account and company data. Check out the AdWords Account Management guide here.



5. Google AdWords Adds User Access Permissions Reports

Google AdWords Adds User Access Permissions Report – If you’ve had an AdWords account for a few years, you know how quickly the number of account permissions to friends and colleagues add up. Google just launched an easy report to quickly show you who has access to your account, in addition to their permission level. Check it out here

6. Facebook Starts Allowing “Sponsored Messages” Ads

Facebook launches chatbots this week to serve sponsored messages on its Messenger platform. We’ve included a few snippets in previous newsletters and now Facebook says it will help brands pull in customers in a way that traditional online ads have never been able to do. Learn more about it here.

7. Pinterest Starts Serving Ads in the U.K.

No clickbait here. Pinterest is starting to further monetize its 45 million users living outside the U.S. Something to keep an eye on with this news release from MarketingDive

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