Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #117

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Happy Friday! Facebook’s GDPR privacy law is coming to fruition, Google launches outstream video ads, and we tackle the 5 best B2B AdWords strategies out there in this week’s digital marketing roundup.

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Tools to help your landing page drive conversions
Landing pages that convert

3 Unconventional tools to enhance landing pages that convert

Landing pages are getting boring, which is why you will never be able to resist spinning a wheel for free stuff – even if it means giving a sales team your coveted email address.

We highlight our 3 favorite unconventional tools that help you drive those coveted conversions in a fun and intelligent way! Read on.


After an endless stream of bad press for Facebook and Google, SEL contributor Andrew Goodman lauds the way Google manages the digital advertising ecosystem. Although not perfect, Google does a good job with general consumer protection, feed quality, user experience, and improving the quality of the digital advertising marketplace.

2 MIN: Google launches oustream video ads to play on sites other than YouTube | MediaPost

Google launched a new video ad format that doesn’t require placement in a YouTube video. These video ads will be played as banners, interstitials, and in apps, but only on Google video partners.
In this podcast, Dan Petrovic from Dejan SEO covers all you need to know about the relationship between CTR and SEO. Here are the key takeaways:
  • Meta descriptions have absolutely no impact on ranking, BUT can increase your click through rates, which then impacts your ranking
  • Quality blog posts are more important than quantity
  • Diversify your content with rich media such as original images and videos


5 Essential B2B AdWords Strategies

AdWords can be extremely difficult for B2B businesses, which is why you need to follow these 5 strategies to guarantee AdWords success. Enjoy this value-packed Hawk Talks!

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