1. 50% of Adults Don’t Recognize the Difference Between Search Ads and Organic Search Results

While there have been a number of concerns about Google adding 4 Search Results and eliminating side ads, a recent study from Ofcom shows that a large portion of your potential audience doesn’t know the difference. This is a big sigh of relief for advertisers. Read more.

2. What 2,000+ Audits Taught SpyFu About AdWords


Take a look at SpyFu and Disruptive Advertising’s audit of over $320 million in ad spend managed and what you can learn from them. Quick summary? AdWords is hard. See why here.

3. Want a Tweet from Kim Kardashian? It has a $2M price tag.

Wall Street Journal’s Anne Kadet breaks down how celebrity affiliate marketing is priced. Notable personalities used to rake in the cash from in-person appearances (Taylor Swift will come say hey for $2.5M). Celebrities are now raking in the dough with 140 characters and Snapchats with 24-hour expiration dates. More.

4. Despite All This Data, Empathy is Still the Greatest Tool in a Marketer’s Toolbox

We cannot stress this enough. Everyone (ourselves included) is always talking about the best tools to simplify/automate/improve your marketing efforts. What tools like AdHawk allow you to do is save you time, improve ROI, and help you understand your customers better. With more time and better understanding of who your customer is, you have more flexibility to empathize and truly focus on providing value and helping your customers be successful. Great read from Adage.



5. The eCommerce Guide to Google Shopping [+Infographic]

Whether you’re running your eCommerce store with Woocommerce, Shopify, or any other platform, it’s imperative that you diversify your distribution channels with Google Shopping to reach ready-to-buy audiences. And proper account structure is everything to running a successful Google Shopping storefront. Learn how to put your sales machine on autopilot. Get the Google Shopping Guide.



6. Facebook’s News Feed is Changing… Again

Just like your own website and social marketing strategies, it’s in your best interest to optimize for engagement. That means giving the people what they want! Facebook’s “Feed Quality Program” continues its mission with this update to keep your feed full of things you want to read, like the AdHawk newsletter! Read more

7. Google Chrome has One Billion Monthly Active Users on Mobile

internet browser timeline

Everyone raves about the “monthly active users” metric for Social Media platforms. Even though these platforms are mostly accessed on proprietary mobile apps, browsers are still king. And Google has a lot of them. A billion, in fact. Read more.

8. 20+ Hilarious Examples of False Advertising

There is a time and a place for websites like BoredPanda, and this weekend is definitely one of them. Check out some of these awesomely terrible advertisements from the year.

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