Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #115

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #115

Zuckerberg answers the tough questions head-on via his US speaking tour, Bing launches price extensions, and Google rolls out exchange bidding to counter header bidding. What’s all this mumbo jumbo mean anyway?

Well, find out by reading this and more in this week’s digital marketing weekly roundup!

Dan Pratt and Todd Saunders, Co-Founders of AdHawk

AdHawk on Techstars: All You Need to Know

Sometimes you have an idea you wholeheartedly believe in. Sometimes that idea is just a spreadsheet.

Sometimes you find people who are just crazy enough to buy into that idea. And sometimes you get mentors, peers, and friends who help make that idea a reality.

Truth is — we wouldn’t be where we are today without Techstars. Read more about our journey here.


The fight for data transparency continues. Mark Zuckerberg answers tough questions in this open Q&A. The silver lining amidst all this PR nightmare? FB passed the first of three business audits.
2 MIN: Bing Ads launches price extensions

Here are the deets:
  • 25 char. limit
  • One price extension per ad
  • ‘View more’ dropdown displays three additional listings
  • Available on both desktop and mobile
5 MIN: Target calls on Google for first voice-activated coupon

Despite immense growth in voice search volume, monetization remains a concern. Target and Google’s voice-enabled coupon was so successful that they ended the campaign a few days short. This a valuable opportunity that Google can capitalize on to partner with retailers to compete with Amazon.


About Techstars: Common Questions, Application, Stories, and More

When we first started, we were nothing but a spreadsheet. Needless to say, the people we met and the things we learned during our time at Techstars were absolutely integral to the business we run today.

We candidly answer the most common questions asked about our experience with Techstars (and more!) in this week’s Hawk Talk! Enjoy.

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