1. Why Desktop Remains King for B2B

All the hype over mobile for the past few years points to a systemic shift in how you market your business. And yet, when it comes to B2B sales and marketing, desktop remains king. Read more from ChartMogul on why this is.

2. 7 Easy Ways to Earn Backlinks to Your Site

SEO is the elephant in the room of every marketing meeting. It’s time to address the 13,000lb giant. One great way to start is getting other websites to link to you. The more reputable the site, the stronger the link. Here are 7 ways to get backlinks to your site

3. [Reddit Thread] The Intersection of Economic Theory & PPC 

We often liken PPC advertising to the stock market – a bunch of people running around spending other people’s money. Jokes aside, the two disciplines of finance and PPC advertising  see a lot of overlap. Scroll through this Reddit thread for some resources on approaching PPC with a new mindset. 

4. The Best Free Stock Photo Sites

Newsflash – there are rules around what you can and cannot publish on the internet. When searching for the perfect image for your ads, content, newsletters, and design projects, use theses sites. They all compile images under the latest Creative Commons licensing, allowing you to use them attribution & stress-free.



5. How to Target Your Ads to Airports on AdWords

I’m probably going to be on some government list for using the words “target” and “airports” in the same sentence, but this sneaky AdWords feature is worth it. Within the advanced geotargeting selection in AdWords, you can target your ads specifically to airports in the U.S. and select countries. Here’s a walkthrough on how to leverage airport targeting



6. Google Makes Improvements to PLAs

Search Engine Land reports on a few of the small UI tweaks AdWords has made to make Product Listing Ads (PLAs) more functional and customizable from a bidding perspective. Read more.

7. Uber Forks Over $25Million in False-Advertising Suit

Perhaps it was a little too much Airport Targeting, but some of Uber’s bullish advertising tactics are catching up to them. Turns out phrases such as “safest ride on the road” and “gold standard [background checks]” are tough to justify in a courtroom. 

8. Political Ads Have Found a Sweet Spot with Major League Baseball

Whoever said TV spots were dead? Oh, we did and almost everyone agrees? Ah. Well. Super-PACs behind this year’s leading candidatessee a HUUUGE opportunity when it comes to TV spots during Fox’s Baseball broadcasts, Fortune Mag reports.

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