1. 11 Web Design Lesson from the top 100 Marketing [Research + Infographic] 

marketing blog design

I analyzed over 3,000 data points across’s 100 top-ranked marketing blogs in search of trends and best practices for creating a viral marketing blog. These 11 insights reveal what makes for the best blog design.

2. Grab your popcorn. Facebook is making moves (a brief August timeline) 

3. Google Trends gets a facelift, adding location data, additional charts! Here’s an example of Rio vs. Olympics:

google trends

4. Should You Put a Phone Number on your Site?
Read through ConversionXL’s data-driven approach to a simple, yet crucial question. 



Leverage Social Proof for more Successful Facebook Ads: The Facebook Dark Post

Which Ad is better? facebook dark post[Read the article from Growth Pilots

Smart Tip: Nobody wants to be the FIRST to like, comment, or share. Leverage existing engagement metrics to spread your post more easily. If someone shares your ad, you don’t pay for any metrics that spread from that share (free engagement!)



1. Digital Marketing Powerhouse, Merkle, releases its Q2 2016 Digital Marketing Report

Some early highlights include:

  • Spend on Google paid search grew 22% Y/Y. Most of it due to shopping ad growth in Search.
  • Early Extended Text Ad studies show 16% boost in CTR
  • Organic visits fell 7%. Perhaps due to the removal of side ads and many of the other updates Google has slowly rolled out since its Performance Summit
  • This one really shocked me: Facebook drives 63% of social website visits… but social visits were only responsible for 2.8% of website traffic for the websites studied. Organic, Direct, Referral, and Paid dominate more than I thought.

2. A new way to track sitelinks in Google Analytics

3. Under Armour’s Michael Phelps Ad is one of the most shared ads ever… already.

[Video of the Week] L2inc: 

Tech companies now represent the 5 most valuable publicly traded companies in the world

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