Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #134

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Did you miss us? We took a short break last week, but no worries – this week’s newsletter will make up for it, as we share Google’s and Facebook’s juicy new ad offerings.

Let’s get started.Ultimate-Guide-to-Gmail-Ads

Ultimate Guide to Gmail Ads

Nothing beats the feeling of receiving a handwritten letter in the mail, especially from someone you love. For obvious reasons, brands have a hard time replicating that feeling. Once in a while, I’ll get a solid deal from Bed Bath and Beyond, but the excitement of getting 20% off a new vacuum doesn’t quite tug on the same heartstring.

Nonetheless, as a dorky Digital Marketer, I do get a bit giddy whenever I see a perfectly engineered Gmail ad. Unearthing sweet copy and nifty ad creatives make me a happy man, especially among the sea of truly horrible ads and cold emails out there!

That’s why I’m putting together this blog post, just for you. I’ll be going over EVERYTHING you need to know about Gmail ads so that you can crush it on one of Google’s most popular platforms.


2 MIN | GOOGLE  Google extends extra characters of Responsive Search Ads to Text Ads

Good news, PPC’ers! By the end of August, all advertisers have the option to add an additional headline and a second description (up top 90 characters!)

3 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook brings back job targeting options

After the huge debacle where advertisers were given immensely inappropriate job titles and interests, Facebook is reintroducing closely vetted career targeting options. Woohoo!

5 MINFACEBOOK Facebook says birthday fundraisers have raised more than $300 million over the past year

Facebook’s charity fundraisers have made a tremendous impact and they should proudly celebrate their success. This was largely due to the fact that Zuckerberg removed the commission fee, effectively eliminating the need to use 3rd party sites like GoFundMe. While this is a positive, experts say nonprofits should still remain wary of relying too heavily on Facebook’s wavering algorithm and policies.

Nonetheless, Facebook is still one of the most effective marketing tool out there, and lots of brands are still not capitalizing on the platform. If you’re just getting started and want to a few creative post ideas, check out this post by our friends over at Design Wizard.


How to develop a schema markup strategy for a website [Technical SEO]

While we usually share content about link building, creative strategies, and AdWords techniques, I realized we haven’t really given enough focus on technical SEO. This super in-depth guide teaches you how to create an effective schema markup strategy so that your content is best optimized for search. Enjoy!

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