1. 5 Free Content Marketing Idea Generation Tools That Work
We’re going to be honest: when we are having writer’s block, we turn to a magical conch shell that whispers golden story ideas. Not all of us are lucky to have a magical conch, so we found this useful list of resources to help you generate your next golden blog post. Here are our 3 favorites:

  1. Answer the Public – Creative graphs and one clever, bearded seeker to help turn a keyword into a brilliant story.
  2. Google AdWords Keyword Planner – An excellent by-the-numbers resource built into your AdWords account that works both for your ad campaigns and content marketing ideas.
  3. Our Staff – Not a tool, but possibly the most underutilized brainstorm source: your own team!

2. Top 10 Mobile Advertising Tips
AdWords has started a fresh new Twitter chat around #AdWordsTips. Here’s their first “Top 10” list.

3. How to find the right analytics for the right marketing job
Analytics is typically broken down into three categories: historical, real-time and predictive. Knowing which to use and when can be compared to the different types of GPS systems available: you need the best GPS to get from point A to point B. Read here to learn which analytics “GPS” is best to get the results you need.

4. Get Big Impact from Bite-Sized Content
Did you know that your blog posts can be as long as this sentence and still generate more readers, likes, and conversions than a 2,000 word post? Another great tidbit from this guide to bite-sized content: you can go back to those 2,000 word posts and turn them into 200 word posts that you can sell as new content.



AdWords: Do you advertise with Google’s Search Partners? 

By default, your Search Ads show on Google’s “Search Partner” search engines. It’s one of our least favorite default settings because it tends to corrupt your data & perform worse than standard search.

It CAN provide a lot of value, but you need to know how to KNOW whether it’s worth your while.

Smart Tip: Segment your reports by Google Search vs. Search Network. search partners vs google search
If you see Search Partners driving a lot of clicks without returning similar CPA metrics as standard search, go to your campaign SETTINGS > Networks > uncheck “Search Partners”
turn off search partners adwords



1. Google Keyword Planner Removes Valuable Data For Potential Advertisers
Grab the pitchforks and prepare your pens for strongly worded letters to Google: advertisers everywhere are up in arms because AdWords is now showing less traffic estimate data to some advertisers.

2. Bing Ads rolls out Upgraded URLs globally

3. Snapchat launches 360 video ads with Sony

[Video of the Week] L2inc
Winner: Finance. Nearly half of new American billionaires work in the financial sector, often at hedge funds.

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