Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #135

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Facebook just removed over 5,000 targeting options, including options to target an audience based around “ethnic affinities,” political affinities, sexuality, and religion.

This move came out after Facebook was accused of helping landlords unfairly target certain demographics.

Read all about this and more in this week’s digital marketing weekly roundup!


Free Match Types Cheat Sheet

I had a feeling that you were getting a little rusty with your match types, that’s why I’m sending you our free AdWords Match Types Cheat Sheet – just click here and download it now! No forms, no b.s.

Just thought you needed a refresher!


6 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook is removing over 5,000 ad targeting options to prevent discriminatory ads | TechCrunch

Facebook announced that they will be removing over 5,000 ad targeting options that may discriminate audiences based on factors such as ethnicity and religion. While Facebook thinks these advertising options could still potentially be effective, they’d rather minimize all risk for another PR disaster.

4 MINFACEBOOK Facebook releases tools for creating mobile video ads | Search Engine Journal

Facebook just introduced a few tools that can help advertisers without a video production team to roll out mobile-first video ads that are produced with just images and text.

According to FB, mobile-first creative has 27% higher chance of driving brand lift, and 23% higher likelihood of driving message association compared to ads that are not mobile-friendly.

They’re releasing four templates to meet certain business goals including:

  1. Product Promotion
  2. Multiple Product Promotion
  3. Showing Product Benefits
  4. Driving Product Discovery

4 MIN | GOOGLE Google AMP beat Facebook Instant Articles, but publishers start to question AMP’s benefits | Digiday

While AMP drove a massive amount of traffic to publisher sites in the past two years, conversion rates dropped (down 70% for some) and ad revenues have slashed due to limited advertising options on the platform. According to this study by Chartbeat, most publishers who have adopted AMP still use it – and feel like the traffic numbers are too big to drop. So while many Facebook users feel ‘stuck’ by the algorithm, Google can play the same game.


Hawk Talks Season 1 Bloopers

After an incredibly fun run with season 1, we’re grateful and excited to bring you guys Season 2 of #HawkTalks, our YouTube show about all things digital advertising.


As a little gift and promo for the upcoming season, here’s our blooper reel from season. Our first episode drops next week, so stay tuned!

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