1. The way-too-early AdWords holiday testing guide
I know, I know, it’s still summer. But before you tell me to get lost, hear me out: Now is the best time to test new strategies, find that perfect audience and lay the tracks for a relaxing holiday. An excerpt from the post below:

3 quick AdWords testing tips (Read more tips and the full guide here)

  1. Label your ads for testing. At the most basic level, use [Control] and [Test #]. Whatever you need to quickly orient yourself within the dashboard.
  2. Don’t overwrite existing ad groups or campaigns with new copy, creatives or structure. Always use a new ad to more easily compare results data.
  3. Low budget? Instead of testing small budget evenly throughout the week, put your budget into a single day and spend more time analyzing the results. You’ll reach insights more quickly.


2. How Shareable is Your Content on Social Media? Use PostReach to Find Out
It’s free. Considering “free” is a rare word in our industry, might as well give PostReach a try! If you suffer from PTLD (Post Traumatic Link Disorder) and can’t summon the courage to click the link, here’s what the page will look like (we promise):


3. The Buzzfeed Guide to Sending Irresistible Email
So there’s a Buzzfeed article — with a headline and an image so captivating you just can’t resist… You wouldn’t be the first person who’s fallen victim to Buzzfeed irresistible propositions. Millions of people have had countless stolen from them much the same way. Makes you wonder, how do they do it?

4. 4 Marketing Twitter Chats that Don’t Suck
Just about every single hashtag feed is insanely congested…except for 4. If you’re a #marketer on Twitter, these 4 Twitter feeds are all you need to engage with your community.



See how much Facebook knows about YOU – and discover new targeting opportunities. 

Facebook quietly made some big updates to its advertising interface. The most interesting change is to their Ad Preferences area. Head to As a person, I’m pretty spooked. As an advertiser, I’m nerding out over here. My two favorite things:

1. Head over to “Lifestyle and Culture” to see some of the assumptions Facebook makes about you, like your Political Affiliation.
2. Click in on any of the various interests or likes. You can see actual ads companies have run against that interest group. Check out some ads that have run against Techstars: facebook ad preferences



1. Inc. Mag’s Revenue Survey Shows Where Growth Is Happening In Ad Tech
Just want Inc. Mag’s List? Your wish is our command: Inc. 5000 2016: The Full List.

2. Facebook Tests Video Ads With Sound Automatically Turned Up
Even If 80% of People Hate It.

3. Twitter Adds Message Button for Websites

[Video of the Week] L2inc
Winner: The New York Times, whose infographics team raises the bar for all of us in the data and storytelling business.

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