Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #133

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After a rough week for Facebook, they’re taking lots of positive steps to improving both their ad product and PR. Most notably, Facebook is launching a digital literacy library, that provides educational materials for young adults to promote healthy digital consumption behaviors. Read more about this below!


Ultimate Guide to AdWords Price Extensions

Often times when I go shopping for a new pair of kicks, there are no price stickers on the bottom of the shoes that I like. I always end up spending more time chasing down an associate and asking for the prices than finding the perfect shoe.

This is the struggle that many customers face online. Whether it’s clicking multiple pages or watching ads, they must traverse through multiple obstacles to find the right product at the right price. Well, Google solves that problem with one click through price extensions. Let’s talk about how to use em!


3 MINGOOGLE What is the Google Broad Core Algorithm update?

There are around 200 to 500 ranking factors and signals that determine what content ranks and what doesn’t on Google Search. This core update is a shift in weights amongst these ranking factors. But like most Google algorithm updates, there is no sharing of the secret sauce. We’ll have to wait and see.

4 MINFACEBOOK Facebook launches a digital literacy library aimed at educators

In this massive PR move, Facebook is providing educational materials for both educators and young adults, covering major topics including privacy, reputation, identity exploration, security, safety, wellbeing, and more. This is also a huge positive step forward in their journey to combating fake news and improving the overarching user experience. With all this, Facebook is also launching Messenger Kids, for the under-13 crowd, and are heavily focusing on promoting messaging around anti-bullying and positivity.

3 MINFACEBOOK Facebook launches playable ads, improves game monetization

Playable game ads were launched to a select few advertisers 4 years ago, and is now available to advertisers. This new ad product combats app-store saturation, where app creators are looking to stand out above the rest. Facebook is also offering value-optimization targeting, where advertisers can specifically target in-app spenders.



Reddit Marketing: How to make the most out of Reddit in 2018

Our friend Ross Simmonds brings yet another value-packed video about how to properly market on Reddit. It’s definitely a tricky platform to navigate, but this is the perfect place to start.



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