Facebook finally fights fake news, Google adds a bookmarking feature, and Snap vows to fight terrorism.

It’s safe to say it’s been an eventful week.

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Staying organized on AdWords is going to save you a ton of money and time. We’ll be covering how to organize and name your AdWords account and campaigns.
At the end of the day, saving time is the biggest life hack, so let’s get started!



Joe Pulizzi

Content marketing would be nowhere near what it is today without Joe Pulizzi. His vision for content marketing pushes aside the traditional approach to advertising and encourages the entire industry to rethink their approach in providing value to their customers.

He also runs a killer podcast with his partner in crime, Robert Rose, where they discuss industry news and advocate content marketing done the right way.

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Startups for the Rest of Us

Rob and Mike are engineers by trade, but marketers and entrepreneurs at heart. They provide a fresh take on how to market your business online, even if you’re not in the software industry.

Start with my all-time favorites on SEO (episode 338) Email Marketing Myths (Episode 293) – Paid Channel Exploration (Episode 288) – Tools (Episode 243) (edited)

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