1. A list of words your business can get sued for using during the Olympics 😂🇧🇷 Here are my favorites: 

  • Blacklisted words: Go for the gold, Olympic, Olympian, Team USA, Future Olympian, Let the games begin, Road to Rio, Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020, Mathlympics, Aqualympics, Chicagolympics
  • Social Media Misdemeanors: Wishing athletes “good luck,” #TeamUSA, #Rio2016, Retweeting official Olympics social media accounts
  • Multimedia No-No’s: Pictures of athletes. Olympic rings, Photos of the olympics
  • No Olympics-themed company team building (is there another kind?!!?)

*Bonus: Ford is bending the rules by Snapchatting about the Olympics without mentioning the Olympics

2. 18 Marketing Experts Tear Down the Clinton vs. Trump Marketing Strategies 

[Insert unbiased description here!]

3. Everything you need to know about the 5 newest AdWords features

It’s Q3. Which means it’s almost Q4. Santa says it’s time to start testing new campaigns and features so you can hit the holiday season with your best shots. You should have full access to Expanded Text Ads, Tablet Bid Adjustments, Responsive Display Ads, and Price Extensions.

*Fake Tablet Bid Adjustments?: We noticed this week that some of you will have the ability enter a bid adjustment for tablets in the AdWords dashboard but nothing actually happens. SearchEngineLand needs to add a 6th AdWords blunder to last week’s “Annoying AdWords Bugs post

4. Instagram Launches Stories: What they are (Snapchat) & How Brands Can Use Them  

Facebook (Instagram’s sugar-daddy) copied another social media platform. Shocker. In my opinion, this is essentially placing Snapchat on top of a much more sophisticated advertising, data tracking, and messaging platform. Interesting to see how user numbers change and how quickly Facebook can monetize effectively.

5. A beautiful infographic breaking down 11 SEO practices you should be following



Attention Online Businesses: All websites visitors are not created equal

eCommerce Conversion Rates by Device Q4 2015

You sell $50 coffee mugs: this mug automatically brews a fresh cup when it hears your alarm clock (you can tell my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet). Let’s say your store gets 200 new visitors: 100 on mobile, 100 on tablet. If your conversion rates on mobile match global standards, mobile users are worth $75, $112.50 less than tablet users.

Smart Tip: based on these variables alone, you should allocate more (all) of your advertising budget to tablets and desktops.



1. Brands are locked and loaded for the Rio Olympics: AppleNBC UniversalNike

2. Twitter Advertiser Awards? – Smart play, or desperate move?

3. 3 new Cross-Device Attribution Reports from Google

L2inc: Winners & Losers

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