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Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #98

The Latest and Greatest in Digital Advertising


Hi there,

Is Snapchat’s redesign good enough? Spiegel built an incredible brand with Snap, but after their IPO hype faded away and Facebook’s sneaky antics, it seems like they’ve hit a wall.

All the new features of the redesign sound wonderful – there’s no argument there. Moving away from pricey user acquisition tactics and shifting towards increasing user engagement is the right move. It’ll trickle down to having a more loyal audience, more ad viewership, and increased brand affinity. In a perfect world, that is.

So is Snapchat just a free R&D center for Facebook? Or do they have proprietary value that Zucks can’t replicate? Only time will tell.

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When it comes to Facebook, people tend to wear their emotions, interests, books they probably haven’t read, hobbies they’re about to get into, and actors they fantasize about on their digital sleeves.
Facebook’s average active user likes upwards of 20 pages that assign them to certain behavioral and interest-based groups. Facebook Ads makes this information fully available to advertisers, only, they make it tough to find and understand. So, check out 9 of the best Facebook Ad tools with tips on how to integrate them into your next ad campaign.

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