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Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #99.5

The Latest and Greatest in Digital Advertising

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #99.5

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But first, let’s talk about this week. The FCC repealed net neutrality, which can mean a lot of trouble for us Digital Marketers. Higher internet fees, more throttling, lower reach, and overall yucky news. But the fight is not over my friends! Over 18 states have already filed lawsuits, including New York.

Read about this and more in this week’s roundup. Let’s goooo!

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6 MIN: FCC Repeals net neutrality rules | NY Times
Why you’ll find this interesting: Ajit Pai’s vote locked in the decision to roll back Obama-era net neutrality laws, handing broadband providers the win…well, for now. The future of the internet is uncertain, but we are all anticipating major backlash immediately. The war for internet has just begun!

2 MIN: Snap releases Lens Studio to the public | The Verge
Why you’ll find this interesting: The race heats up to see who can make the next dancing hot dog filter. Jokes aside, after Facebook, Google, and Apple all creating open-source AR platforms, Snap has finally opened up their software to the masses. This will allow all users to create “world lenses” or 3D AR renderings that float around in your photos. Face filters though are limited to paying agencies – with plans to eventually open it up to the public as well.

2 MIN: Here come the Facebook pre-roll video ads | Recode
Why you’ll find this interesting: The time has finally come. After Facebook turned a blind eye from content creators blatantly stealing videos and after severely miscalculating its engagement metrics, Facebook has grown into a video consumption powerhouse.

Pre-roll video ads now provide advertisers yet another avenue to get their message out. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, since Facebook video consumption behavior differs so greatly from YouTube. We’ll have to wait and see.


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