1. Interview with Mary Haynes – Google Penalty Expert and Algorithm Analyst

Mary Hanes confirms: ‘quality content’ is increasing in rank significance, but in a competitive industry, it won’t get the job done. Don’t waste your money on advanced SEO experts, just pay for search ads.

2. 16 eCommerce A/B Test Ideas Backed by UX Research

Annnd for off-site tips: The e-Commerce Google Shopping Guide

3. The Dominance of Google and Facebook in One Chart

Keep reading below to see why Snapchat and Amazon might be taking a larger slice of ‘Ad’pple Pie at Thanksgiving 2017 :0

4. Is Quora Marketing for Your Business Worth It?

The key to any new marketing strategy…Test, Test, Test. Let Kate Rabbut show you how to market your business through trendy platforms like Quora and Medium.



A recent announcement on Google+ (yes people still post on Google+…yes it was a Google employee) unveiled a new feature for all businesses with an online presence – enriched product information snippets in Google Image Search.products-image-search
Whether shopping ads on image search will convert as well as Instagram’s shoppable posts is yet to be seen, but it’s one more link in the never ending drive to make impulse buying a daily habit. Follow this link to get setup with product page markup.



1. Forget Spectacles, Group Messaging is Snapchat’s Most Important Launch in 2016

Considering the influence groups have on buying, Snapchat potentially just opened it’s most lucrative advertising channel.

2. One of Amazon’s Most ‘Under-Appreciated’ Businesses is Already Way Ahead of Google or Apple

Don’t be surprised if this feature slips it’s way into everyday purchases. And no, it’s NOT Amazon Go.

3. Searchmetrics Google Ranking Factors Study Says Content Gaining While Links Losing in Importance

  • The URLs with the highest content relevance are those on positions 3 to 6
  • Almost half of webpages in the top 10 now use of HTTPS encryption (don’t we know it!)
  • The correlation for backlinks is set to continue its decline

4. Facebook’s New Update Lets You Create Multiple Ad Sets at Once 

No more duplicating Ad sets to target cross device, audience, etc. 🤗

[Video of the Week]

And the Golden Globe goes to…Professor Scott Galloway, Westworld(?!?!)


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