Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #152

This week, Google has gifted us with 3 new prospecting features for Google display campaigns as an early Christmas present. Thanks Google! Your thank you card is in the mail! Here’s the gist…


  • Dynamic prospecting with product feeds: in other words, Google will use machine learning to match products with a person’s past searches
  • Fine-tuned audience expansion: this is a targeting expansion option that is supposed to make the most of budgets by driving more conversions at the same CPA
  • Auto-generated custom intent segments: Google will automatically create and maintain custom audiences based on keywords and URLs that are related to your audience and your account


Read on for all the updates you know and love– Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more!👇



AdHawk Is Now FREE!

All I want for Christmas is… revenue driven by successful Google Holiday ad campaigns! Well guess what folks, we can help you with that! Download our FREE app to start simplifying your digital advertising.



7 MIN |  INSTAGRAM How To Cure A Brand’s Social Media Headache: Instagram and Snapchat Stories | AdExchanger

Although it is kind of a nightmare to think about your hard marketing work disappearing after 24 hours, Snapchat and Instagram stories do have their benefits. You reach a whole new audience of engaged customers!

2 MIN | GOOGLE Google Mobile-First Indexing Now Used For Over Half Of Google’s Search Results | SEO Roundtable

It’s happening people! Mobile-first indexing has officially taken over Google Search results! Over 50% of Google’s global search results is from crawling using mobile-first indexing. Better get your mobile campaigns ready!

5 MIN | GOOGLE Year in Search: the Top Google Search Trends of 2018 | Search Engine Watch

Well, Google has done it again! Hit us with another tear-jerking year in search video. They never get old! The most emphasized popular search term was “good,” among searches for big events, famous people, “how to’s,” and more.



The Essential Post-Holiday Social Advertising Playbook

After preparing like crazy for the holidays, we are often left wondering, what happens next? Get a quick head start to the new year by checking out this guide with tons of hacks to make sure you are prepared for the next phase. Q1 2019, here we come!

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