1. Promoted Places Puts Google Maps on the Map for Digital Advertisers

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t gotten a gift for your 2 your old nephew. Yet. You didn’t forget (😉), you’re just a better gift getter under pressure. People like us are why you should be thinking about Promoted Places.

2. Why Data Amplifiers Matter in a World of Omnichannel Discovery

If Jimi Hendrix played on one of these things…well, there’d be daily concerts ‘near you’, your ‘local’ record store would rank for every position on every SERP, and who knows what sorts of products would be sold on Google Shopping.

3. Why It’s Better to Be Rejected Than Ignored

This isn’t the elementary school playground anymore people! This game is called results, and as long as you succeed, no one cares that the cool kids wouldn’t let you play kickball with them.

4. A Crash Course on A/B Testing Facebook Ad Campaigns

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if you use this guide to hunt me down and sell me some yoga pants.



He’s making his list…he’s checking it twice…he’s gonna’ find out which keywords were nice.
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