Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #153

We are in our final countdown of 2018 here and there’s lots of news to cover! But before we kick yet another killer newsletter, did you hear about Facebook’s big push with search ads? Listen up y’all…

A small set of advertisers will be tested for Facebook’s newest venture. This is what it will look like:

Looking forward to 2019? Let’s wrap up 2018 with the latest updates before the year closes out. Read on! 👇




Your Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Gains with Google Shopping

Are you running ads on Google Shopping? Are you trying to? Either way, have we got the hack for you. Check out our ultimate guide to Google Shopping and eCommerce and start crushing your ads before Q1 even starts.



2 MIN |  INSTAGRAM Instagram accidentally rolled out tap-to-advance feed, removes it | Tech Crunch

Instagram users were sent through a spiral of emotions when the app accidentally changed to a tap-to-advance feed. While we have all wanted chronological feeds for a while now, this wasn’t quite was users were expecting, so it was recalled soon after. Was this a slip-up or a calculated move? Only Zucks knows 🤔

7 MIN | GOOGLE PPC 2018: These changes will have the biggest impact on advertisers in 2019 | Search Engine Land

Google REWIND 2018: Search Engine Land has compiled a list of important PPC changes we should remember while 2019 closes in on us. Check out which were the most important, including…

  • Google Adwords became Google Ads
  • Exact match began to include keywords with the same meaning, not exactly the same word
  • AI-powered insights and bidding
  • And much more!

3 MIN | GOOGLE 2018: The Year Programmatic Cleaned Up And Grew Up | Ad Exchanger

As predicted, Programmatic Advertising underwent plenty of changes and still remains largely as a black box. While there’s still a lot to be done, this roundup perfectly sums up the ones that packed a punch.



Five trends to improve your martech strategy in 2019

We all know better than anyone that marketing technology has ruled the world this year, and 2019 will be no different. What can you do to be prepared for 2019 and continue to 🛷 slay 🛷 your marketing campaigns? Improve your data measurement, increase your investment in marketing technology, or use attribution technology, to name a few! Check out all you need to know and more.

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