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Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #101

The Latest and Greatest in Digital Advertising

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Hope you had a happy Holiday season! Last week, we did a quick roundup of our first 100 newsletters. If you missed it, you can see it here. Thank you again for everyone who gave us feedback – we greatly appreciate all your responses. 

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That being said, it’s finally time to get back to business with this week’s weekly roundup. Let’s get started!


6 Simple Steps to Successful Remarketing in AdWords

What’s one thing everyday people unanimously hate, but marketers can’t get enough of? No, not ads. TRAFFIC! So much marketing energy goes into getting people to your site, but even if your product or services is THE perfect fit, most website visitors aren’t buying today. Maybe they’re waiting for the next paycheck.

Maybe they spilt coffee on their keyboard. Maybe they’re millennials with the attention span of a goldfish who started to buy but abandoned cart to go binge Netflix while trying figure out what a Bitcoin is.

No matter what the reason, once those visitors you worked so hard to earn leave your site, they could be gone forever. That’s where one of the marketer’s most important (and lucrative) tools comes in: remarketing to get people back to your site.

Click through to learn how to harness the power of remarketing in 6 easy steps.


3 MIN: 5 (less obvious) PPC trends to watch in 2018 | Search Engine Land
Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Structured data will matter even more, especially with Shopping Ads
  2. The Google-Amazon rivalry will spur search ad innovation
  3. Voice and visual search will impact user behavior before ads
  4. How we will work will change – mostly for the better
  5. Channel expansion & measuring for incrementality will become more popular

4 MIN: ‘Lost in translation’: Ad buyers struggle to navigate Amazon’s client services teams | Digiday
Why you’ll find this interesting:
PMG, even with eight contacts and several Amazon campaigns under its belt, has trouble navigating Amazon’s internal client services teams. This inside scoop sheds light to how even with Amazon’s rapid innovation, they’ve still got a while to go.

2 MIN: We’re already seeing the fallout from Apple’s war on cookies | Martech Today
Here’s a quick summary:

Apple’s removal of cookies on Safari isn’t the end of the world, but rather a mark of a new era for digital marketers. The author puts it best:

“There are better mechanisms for ad targeting. In fact, in a cross-device world, cookies are hardly ideal. Advertisers and ad tech players that adapt — however painfully — for a post-cookie world may well find themselves someday thanking Apple for showing them the light.”


Looking to start a video strategy? Take some notes from Digital Marketing Guru, Neil Patel. Here’s a quick summary:
#1: Make your content emotional
#2: Tell people to subscribe to your channel
#3: Use the right keywords.
#4: The next thing you want to do is go hit up other bloggers who are writing similar content about the videos you’re producing and hit them up and ask them to embed your videos.
#5: Make sure your videos are long and engaging.

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