1. The AMP Traffic Conundrum in Google Analytics

As Google continues to incentivize the internet to accommodate our mobile friends, we’re forced to adapt to new terminology and tracking tactics.

2. 5 Crucial Types of Keywords Every Brand Should Monitor

And for those crucial ones you shouldn’t follow, here’s how to add negative keywords in AdWords.

3. How Transparency Can Slash Your Churn Rate by 89%

Studies like this reinforce our commitment to transparency as a company. That’s why we built the industry’s only mobile app – so you can see you ROI at any second of any day with ease.

4. Top 10 AI Friends You Need to Have in 2017

While this whole AI thing still seems a bit futuristic, before we know it, we’ll be working with AI Natives.



screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-9-30-19-amKeep tabs on your competition with these 23 PPC Ad Spy Tools to Help You Dominate the Competition.



1. Amazon Begins Testing Product Listing Ads on AdWords

2. Major Players Stack Profiles with Featured Tweets

3. Customer Service Chatbots: Holiday Helper or Nightmare “Employee?”

4. Facebook’s Flash Photo-Sharing App Eyes Emerging Markets as a Snapchat Clone

While on Facebook’s Messenger App yesterday I saw a little New Years icon on the bottom of my screen. screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-9-50-37-am

“Hmmm, I wonder what this could be.” *Click*


Not Me ^

Weird? I tapped it and it brought me to SnapChat?

Ohhh that’s right, Facebook lives to copy SnapChat…Sorry they turned down your $3B Mr. Zuckerberg!


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