Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #150

Livestreaming is really coming to the forefront of video media. Google is responding to the demand by providing users and advertisers with livestream support in Google Search and Google Assistant.  

Livestream videos required structured data and indexing API to appear on Google Search. They’ll look something like this:

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5 MIN |  GOOGLE  What we learned when Google deindexed our site for a day | Search Engine Land

While we thought SEL wet the bed last week by deindexing the blog on Google, they released this post about what happened and why. They concluded that while there is no lasting impact of the day-long craziness, SEL believes it could prove to be costly for ecommerce businesses and smaller sites without a massive social media following.


2 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook’s collections are becoming shareable, just in time for the holidays | Techcrunch

As the Facebook algorithm continues to favor publishers and user generated content is at an all-time-low, Zuckerberg is experimenting with new features to make the platform a more social experience. The Collections feature is one of them, where you can save posts, recipes, and videos and add groups of friends to see them.

2 MIN | GOOGLE  Why your SaaS marketing sucks (and some smart things you can do about it) | Slideshare

Let’s face it, we can all improve our marketing techniques here and there. If you are looking to improve your SaaS marketing, we have got a guide for you. It will show you how to earn amplification, bring in new users, and how to win at digital advertising.


What Can B2B Marketers Learn From Behavioural Economics

To truly be successful in marketing, we all know we have to step into the shoes of those we are marketing to. In a B2B marketing strategy, it is important to understand that we are still marketing to humans, not just businesses. Check out this blog post on how to do just that!

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