1.  Advertising Opportunity in Apple News

In 2009 Google outbid Apple with a $750 million acquisition of AdMob. The rest is history. Apple launches iAd and shuts it down in 2016. Now they’re back, banking that News ads can be the start of a new era for advertising on Apple platforms.

2.  How Do Our Biases Impact PPC Performance?

They lead to one of the most common missed opportunities we see in the PPC world. Bing Ads. In 2016 Microsoft Sites handled 22.3% of all search queries in the United States. Set up your account and get your extensions set up ASAP.

3.  The Snapchat Marketing Playbook

There’s no doubt in my mind that the little warm-weather snapchat elves over in Venice, California are working on a more expansive ad platform to gift to us in 2017. Send a few snaps to your hipper family members for the holidays and prepare for Snapocalypse.

4.  5 Questions to Validate Your Next Big Idea

On your journey to validation watch out for highly polarized arguments. A lot of hate surrounding one of marketings most notorious – Gary Vaynerchuck – for making such bold statements.



Yes, surely I’m Serious! And millions of millions of people will be traveling by air this holiday season looking for last minute gifts and local businesses at their vacation destination. Target and make bid adjustments to airports by following this guide and capitalize on the holiday craze!



1. The iab. 2017 Forcast

2. Facebook Rolls out Mobile Creative Hub for All Marketers

3. FCC Under Trump Could Roll Back Some Internet Oversight

4. Twitter Reveals the Top Tweeted Events of 2016

2016 ain’t over yet: #simplifydigitaladvertising#simplifydigitaladvertising#simplifydigitaladvertising

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And the Black Friday Search Visibilty award goes to?!?!?!

As with all things Scott Galloway, you’ll be surprised!


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