1. A New Awakening for Email Marketing: Google Wallet’s Gmail Integration

Amazon’s 1-Click Patent reiterated that convenience is key in a sales funnel. Once people link their payment info to Google, Gmail ad conversions will be a piece of cake.

2. The Portland Trail Blazers Score ROI with Facebook Advertising

21x ROAS??? Seems like Facebook is playing favorites in the sports world.

3. Why Snap Is a Terrible Investment

Building a self service ad platform aint’ easy…especially when you have a $190 billion juggernaut trying to destroy you at every turn #facebook

4. Retailers’ Biggest AdWords Spend is Google Shopping [Study]

Google shopping is the quickest way to inform consumers about what you’re selling. In other words, if they click, they’re likely to convert. Get set up here!



 Forget What Scott Galloway Said Above and Prepare for Snap Mayhem
While the current minimum spend required to advertise on Snapchat is $10k/month, they recently announced they’ll be launching a self-serve platform.



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