Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #158

Hello, marketers of the world! Updates on updates on updates to come…

After Google shut down Google+ in late 2018, due to, well…lack of interest, some next steps have been announced. In February, you will no longer be able to make a Google+ account (bummer, I know), and by April Google will start deleting the existing accounts and info.

So, if you have data in your Google+ profile, be sure to get it before it’s cleared out.

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Facebook Ads for Healthcare Professionals: A Master Blueprint

Did you know that 68% of adults are on Facebook? This is a huge portion of the population that EVERYONE should tap into. We put together this all-new guide to help you get started. It’s complete with instructions on putting together ad campaigns, examples of good ads, and a free eBook download! Don’t miss it!


7 MIN |  FACEBOOK Apple bans Facebook’s Research app that paid users for data | TechCrunch

When will it stop?! Apple shut down a Facebook app that paid young users $20 a month for access to all the data passing through their phones. A TechCrunch investigation ousted the app for its illegal activity, so Apple banned it before Facebook got the chance to take it down. Sheeeesh, get it together Facebook!

4 MIN | GOOGLE Google Adds Voice Input And Spoken Results To Mobile Web Search | Search Engine Land

As voice technology is truly taking over the world, Google has followed suit. This is a huge win for users with disabilities, as they can now speak searches aloud and listen to search results.

2 MIN | GOOGLE Now Your Google Text Ads Can Show On YouTube Search Results, Too | Search Engine Land

Google is incorporating YouTube into its search partners network. So, what does this mean? Basically, your text ads may appear in YouTube search results. Pretty simple, but very effective!



4 Examples of Awesome Email Marketing Strategies From Retail Brands

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to bring customers to your site. I mean, think about it, how many times a day do you check your email, probably too many to count. If a site sends you an email with an exclusive offer, so many of us are likely to at least check out the site. This article gives you 4 great examples of email marketing strategies that really work for retail brands. Don’t miss out!

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