1. Multivariate Testing: A/B’s 8 Legged Cousin

It is possible to test more than one variation at a time. You just need to know what you’re doing (and a boat load of traffic). Brian Massey sinks into multivariate and uses it to explain how he arrived at the anatomy of an optimized checkout experience.

2. Social Media Automation: Good, Bad, or Somewhere In Between?

It’s a delicate balance between maintaining brand equity and ROI.

3. Snapchat Launches Ad Tech Platform 2.0

As Snapchat pushes its first ‘self-serve ad tool’, it seems like they’re ready to serve ads by recognizing objects in your snaps (#gamechanger).

4. Ditch the Stock Photos in Your Ad Campaigns

55 million freelancers in the U.S.! That’s 35% of the overall workforce. Go on Upwork, find a graphic designer, maximize their value, and do away with those smelly stock photos. It’s cheaper than you think.



Celebration = Engagement.

Stay up to date with daily holidays, even if they seem ludicrous. Tailoring ads and social posts to these events will catch peoples attention and increase engagement.
Share these holidays with your boss and who knows…you could be having a PPCIZZA PARTY!



1. Google Fixed a Big Problem with AMP

2. Twitter’s Ad Revenue Shrinks in Bleak Q4

3. Facebook: Greater Transparency through Measurement Partnerships

4. AdWords Retiring Converted Clicks in March


“One-third of consumers indicate they would switch to Google, Amazon, or Facebook, if they offered financial services” -Scott Galloway


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