1. The Ultimate Digital Advertising Tutorial Library

We’re on a mission to build the largest digital advertising video tutorial library. We’re off to a strong start, but always looking for more. Comment on our post with any video you’d like to see!

2. The Ultimate Guest Blogging Guide

Blogging without an active audience can be flat-out discouraging. Check out this article on how you can take your talents (to South Beach) to businesses with larger reach to drive growth for your company.

3. The 16 Traits of the Perfect Customer Success Hire

Most consumers are willing to spend more with a business that provide excellent customer service. These 16 traits need to be engrained into your team so you can help your customers achieve his or her goals.

4. SEO for PR Agencies – How to Find Your Niche

When I picture an SEO master, I imagine a witch standing over a cauldron, mixing a magical brew of meta tags, alt descriptions, keywords, and secret sauce. eConsultancy helps break down the best recipe for PR Agencies.

5. User Onboarding Tactics to Drive Growth

Tech consumers are an impatient bunch. The longer you make us wait, the more steps you make us take, the more likely we are to open a new tab and move onto the next one. These 42 companies are innovating the way we reduce onboarding friction.


       This Week’s BEST Digital Marketing Jobs

  1. Sr. Sales Executive @ Smarking  – SF
  2. Marketing Coordinator @ Kinnek – NYC
  3. Digital Marketing Manager @ Pypestream – NYC
  4. Digital Marketer @ Farmlogs – Ann Arbor
  5. Growth Manager @ – NYC
  6. Growth Hacker @ Fundera – NYC



1. Twitter Introduces First View Ads THIS WEEK!

On Tuesday, Twitter released the beta for a new ad type that is sure to give advertisers more tangible impression metrics. Will these be the game change for you and your business? Learn more.

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