1. [Free Tool] Instantly Preview, Create, and Test Expanded Text ADs

On February 1st,  Expanded Text Ads became the new standard. It’s time to optimize your ETAs with this comprehensive guide and tool!

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Get certified and throw a pretty badge on your newly designed LinkedIn profile.

3. 100+ curated articles, tools and resources for search engine marketers. No clickbait.

No clickbait?! Impossible…or is it?

4. Google is Showing Multiple Ad Extension Types in a Single Swipeable Carousel

Don’t sleep on ad extensions. Period. We recently caught a glimpse of this savvy company taking up the whole SERP screen on mobile because of them.



A/B test your Expanded Text Ads, one variable at a time.

Header 1
Header 2
Path 1
Path 2

If you wanted to test 3 different versions of each, you’d have 243 ad variations. Unless you can print money, you’ll never be able to gather significant data testing multiple variables at once.

My recommendation? Repurpose your best performing STA headline, use that as your Header 1 & A/B test different Header 2s in the form of promotions, calls-to-action, and additional features.

ETA Guide | ETA Test Generator



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