Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #108

Is Facebook Watch a fail? What makes a good ad? Did AdHawk finally launch their awesome YouTube show?

We answer all these questions and more in this week’s weekly roundup! Let’s get started.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: PPC Ads Deconstructed

Whether it’s bad ads, good ads, sad ads, glad ads, real or fake ads – we at AdHawk are always here to talk about ads. More specifically, things that make a good digital ad, so we’ve gathered 5 ads from around the web and deconstructed them one by one.

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2 MIN: 8 in 10 don’t think Facebook Watch will challenge YouTube | Digiday

Proceeding a slew of bad press, Facebook continues to suffer from low user confidence. Zuckerberg is determined to invest over $1 billion in video content, but Facebook users remain very skeptical.

4 MIN: Google Chrome’s ad blocker is here | Quartz
Google will now block ads that are intrusive and negatively affect user experience. If Chrome deems an ad on a domain worthy to be blocked, Google will block all ads from the site, including Google display ads.

Long gone are the days of text-only search results. While Google is using their search volume clout to aggressively urge more and more publishers to take advantage of AMP, this acts as one of the most experimental search result projects done by the search giant.


PPC Game: Real or Fake Ads // Hawk Talks Ep. 1

In our very first episode of Hawk Talks, we play a little game called “Real or Fake Ads,” where we put our co-founders to the test to see if they can differentiate a fake ad with a real one. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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