Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #159

Good morning marketers! We have something to celebrate, other than Punxsutawney Phil’s willing us into an early spring: another digital marketing weekly round up!

With all the news of data breaches and scandals in the past few months, Google is starting to do something about it.

There is an all-new Chrome extension called “Password Checkup” which monitors your usernames and passwords. If it seems like the combination might lead to data dumping, it will notify you and recommend changing it.

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Facebook Ads for Healthcare Professionals: A Master Blueprint

Calling all healthcare professionals! Are you a doctor hoping to ingratiate yourself to new parents by sharing helpful articles on caring for infants? Do you want to encourage homeopathy aficionados to message your office ASAP, to get a discount on a consultory visit? You can use Facebook ads to reach these audiences and accomplish your goals! Here’s how.


2 MIN |  FACEBOOK Facebook Messenger finally gets an ‘unsend’ feature | VentureBeat

Well, the moment has come. Facebook messenger is finally giving us an ‘unsend’ feature. No more regrets about that impulsive DM, just hit unsend within 10 minutes of sending and it’ll be like it never happened.

4 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook will reveal who uploaded your contact info for ad targeting | TechCrunch

In what seems like an attempt to reverse Facebook’s post-data-scandal-crisis-mode, the platform is now offering insight into why you are seeing certain ads.

Starting at the end of February, Facebook users will notice a button in the ad’s drop-down menu labeled “Why am I seeing this?” and you will find all the info you need to know there!

2 MIN | GOOGLE Google Search Console performance report now shows consolidation data | Search Engine Roundtable

Big news, marketers! Google Search Console will now consolidate data in the performance report to show not only the canonical URL (i.e. but also alternate forms (i.e. It may seem like your traffic grew, but be wary, it is showing multiple sources now!


How to Advertise on LinkedIn in 2019: A Beginner’s Guide

LinkedIn has always been an effective advertising platform, but more so for B2B companies who are actively looking to foster business relationships. This guide will tell you how to get started with tips on:

  • Sponsored content
  • Text ads
  • Sponsored InMail
  • And more!

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