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This week Twitter became profitable for the first time ever, Zuckerberg doubled down on Instagram features, and Valentine’s day prep began!

Valentines-PPC-Campaigns6 AdWords strategies businesses can use to make love, not war on Valentine’s Day

 If you’ve visited any local pharmacy recently, you have a pretty good idea of what holiday is coming up. Yup, that one with the hearts, chocolates, flowers and teddy bears.

It’s not Christmas or New Year’s, but Valentine’s Day is a huge opportunity for all businesses, not just flower delivery and giant teddy bear manufacturers. There’s just as much opportunity to optimize your return on investment (ROI) improvements if you know the right strategies.


Snap isn’t dead yet. Snapchat’s ad reach increased 400% after shifting to a programmatic solution, raking in $281 million in Q4. Investors are also happy with the development of the Snapchat pixel, and increasing efforts to fight the awful ad view-through rates on the platform.

7 MIN: Grow your business faster with machine learning | Google

Google is working relentlessly to move to a completely automated ad platform, ideally where advertisers can fully rely on a machine-learning algorithm. This post digs into the improved machine learning systems and encourages advertisers to try out their new and improved ‘smart bidding’ options.
Bryson Meunier writes about his anecdotal experience with voice search, citing that most of his usage is for basic functions like turning on the lights, checking the weather, and playing music. He made little to no searches that marketers could take advantage of EXCEPT for local search listings. Tl;dr: Voice search volume is increasing, but there’s no conclusive opportunities for marketers yet.


Hawk Talks | The Show About All Things Digital Advertising

We’re super excited to announce the launch of Hawk Talks, our very own YouTube show about all things advertising. We’ll be covering topics from PPC to industry news, in a fun and casual way. Our first episode drops next Thursday, but enjoy this preview for a glimpse of what’s to come.

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