Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #155

Gooooood morning, marketers! Are YOU ready for this week’s digital marketing weekly roundup?

Quick tip: If you’ve been seeing wild movement in your search data, it’s most likely due to Google’s newest algorithm update.

Read on for more on Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more! 👇





The Travel Marketers’ Guide To Google Ads Mastery

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Our Travel Marketer’s Guide To Google Ads! If you’re a traveler, travel marketer, travel business, or a marketer who wants to learn about a new industry, this very special guide is for you! Check it out ( it comes with a free ebook!)


2 MIN |  GOOGLE Google Chrome to Expand Ad Blocking Worldwide on July 9th | Search Engine Journal

Google Chrome is planning a large expansion of ad blocking efforts to reduce repetitive and disruptive ads. Bye, bye annoying pop-ups for something you searched one-time last week!


2 MIN | INSTAGRAM Instagram Now Lets You Regram Your Posts To Multiple Accounts | TechCrunch

If you’re like me and manage multiple Instagram accounts (one for the dog, my finsta, and my business account), this is your moment to shine. Instagram now lets you publish a photo to multiple accounts at once.

9 MIN | FACEBOOK Inside Facebook’s Ad Platform Clean Up | Digiday

After a year filled with controversy for Facebook, damage control is on the docket for 2019. They’re rolling out fresh updates on story ads, becoming more transparent with their data, updating brand safety standards, and much more.



Voice Commerce 2019: Will This Be The Year It Catches Up To Voice Search?

Here’s a Jeopardy question for ya. How many Alexa devices have been sold?

What is…One. Hundred. MILLION?

I think we can all agree that’s an insanely big number, and it’s safe to say voice activated commerce is on the rise. It’s important to know what we are getting into here, so this article dives deep into what this means for marketers. Mike Ryan absolutely crushed this article and showed us exactly how to handle what’s coming down the pipeline with voice search.

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