1. AdWords Managed Accounts Can Finally Share Negative Keywords Lists Across Accounts

Phew! No one ever said PPC was easy, that’s why we made this guide to AdWords account access.

2. MailChimp 2016 Annual Report (a.k.a. what a kickass infographic looks like!) 

    • ✉ 246,148,661,219 Emails Sent
    • 🤓 8,827,892 Emojis Sent in Subject Lines
    • 2.3 Million GIFs Sent in Campaigns

3. The Mobile Growth Stack 2017

Tip: If you’re not an expert in any of these categories don’t be afraid to reach out! Experts on sites like Reddit and Quora are always looking to lend a ✋ and help you optimize your business strategies.

4. Test With Confidence: Google Best Practices

Looks like Google’s been taking a hint from some pretty cool writers 😜



Make sure you exclude your IP address on AdWords, as well as your competitors, so you’re not charged for wasted clicks.
Fun Fact: “mesothelioma lawyer” is the most expensive keyword on AdWords. Every time you click on one of these ads you’re costing a law firm thousands. Don’t let your competitors do the same to you 👊



1. Snapchat is Testing New Ad Features to Improve Ecommerce and Lead-Gen Marketing

2. AOL Reveals BrandBuilder to Attract More AdSpend

3. Twitter Hints at its New Year’s Resolution: Slimming Down

4. The First Acquisition for the IAB Tech Lab Tool Repository

[Video of the Week]

Scott Galloway con? Maybe…but Evan Neufeld cuts to the chase, standing up for social’s ability to present itself at every step of the consumer decision making process.


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