1. Everything You Need to Get Right When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

The marketplace for SEO, Ad, & Marketing Agencies is a crowded an sometimes slimy one. Often, there’s poor communication, high prices, and questionable returns. Here’s how to make sure you don’t get burned.

2. Downloadable Google AdWords Glossary

186 terms, an infographic or 10 later, we’ve compiled an easy to read, downloadable AdWords Glossary for you. You can check it out now!

 Easy Tweets



       This Week’s BEST Digital Marketing Jobs

  1. Content Manager @ Clever  – SF
  2. Associate Director of Organic Growth @ Artsy – NYC
  3. Digital Marketing Lead @ Casper – NYC



1. Snapchat Eyes Facebook-Sized Advertising Plan

Snapchat has been the elephant in the room for Digital Marketers for the last year. The potential is huge but the plans were mostly unknown. Here’s what we know

2. Twitter Launches New Ad Format

Twitter is making moves. It recently dumped some original engagement metrics like the “favorite” button and Share counter and is now offering the option to pay for Hashtag & Reply engagements with Conversational Ads. Learn More!


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