Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #156

We’re already halfway through January, and the only thing keeping you going through this chilly Friday morning (besides this newsletter) is the fact that a picture of an egg is now the most liked post on Instagram EVER.

Egg: 1

Kylie: 0

Okay let’s dig right into the important stuff👇





The Travel Marketers’ Guide To Google Ads Mastery

Do you work in the travel industry? Know a friend who does? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, I’ve got good news for you, because we’ve put together a comprehensive guide for you and your business to succeed on Google Ads. Learn how to crush it in the post here.


5 MIN |  GOOGLE Google Search Console Makes ‘Inspect URL’ Tool More Useful | Search Engine Journal

You have to treat Google Search Console like a doctor’s visit. It’s integral to have a pulse on how your website is performing on Search! This new update now allows marketers to:

  • Increased availability of HTTP response codes
  • Screenshot renders
  • JavaScript Logs


7 MIN | GOOGLE What Search Marketers Need To Know About Attribution in 2019 | Search Engine Journal

If you’re lost in the sauce of tracking your digital advertising efforts, you’re definitely not alone. SEJ breaks down the most important aspects of attribution and how to track it all.

9 MIN | INSTAGRAM Instagram Caught Selling Ads To Follower-Buying Services It Banned | TechCrunch

After rumors of cutting down on fake accounts and spam, TechCrunch busted Instagram for running ads that solicit follows, bulk unfollows, and other services that are against their privacy policies. For example:

We can’t all be @world_record_egg!



25 Tools to Streamline YouTube SEO Optimization

Marketers everywhere (including us) are using YouTube to build their tribes. YouTube monopolizes video content and is also the 2nd most popular search engine out there. If you’re ready to stop ignoring the video platform, here are all the ways you can streamline your video SEO and totally crush it.

Did we make all your marketing dreams come true? Let us know!

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