Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #157

Chances are you’ve used chatbots recently. After years of trying to perfect an online chatbot Google is getting its hands dirty here improving sophisticated question-answering systems to be able to answer questions like real people! Definitely going to be a major upgrade from Microsoft’s “Tay” from 2016.

Pretty soon we won’t have to “speak to a representative” at all!

Okay let’s get right down to it👇





The Travel Marketers’ Guide To Google Ads Mastery

Come one, come all travel marketers! We have put together the ultimate eBook for you. If you want to know all the places you can, and which places you should, advertise on Google, we will tell you exactly how to be successful. We have the recipe for the perfect travel ad, all ingredient included, so download our eBook and start slaying your ads ASAP!


5 MIN |  FACEBOOK Facebook Agrees To Do More To Tackle Scam Ads After Celebrity Defamation Lawsuit | TechCrunch

Another day another reason Facebook scandal, but at least they are taking steps to make their platform better. This time, Facebook is planning to launch a scam ad button in the UK in an attempt to limit celebrity-exploiting ads. Interesting move, Zuck.

2 MIN | GOOGLE  Google John Mueller: You Focus Too Much On Links | Search Engine Roundtable

Sometimes we have to dig deep to figure out SEO tips and tricks, and sometimes the answer is right in front of us! Thanks to John Mueller, this is the latter. Marketers are focusing too much on backlinks, when there are plenty of other factors!

9 MIN | GOOGLE 10 New Local Search Features You Should Be Using | Search Engine Journal

Google has rolled out tons of updates in search in the past few months. Thankfully, Search Engine Journal has compiled the 10 most important. Including:

  • Using search queries to see the keywords you appear for
  • Allow customers to message you directly
  • Manage locations with agency dashboard



The Most Critical Google Ads (AdWords) Trends of 2019

Among the most important Google Ads trends of 2019 are smart features, high CPC, quality demand, and much more! The predictions are endless, but, as marketers, we have to stay on top of it all. With advancements in AI and voice search, it’s hard to know what is coming around the corner. Thanks to Search Engine Land, we have a list of 10 important trends to watch.

Is your mind blown? Do you want more news? Let us know!

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