Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #105


Google dropped some big news recently when it announced its Merchant Center will no longer be supporting feed integrations with some pretty big e-commerce platforms, so PPC managers, make sure you plan ahead. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out, but as we often do in the digital marketing world, we shall adapt and survive.

Let’s dive into the rest of this week’s roundup!


How-Does-AdWords-Auction-Work-How does Google Adwords work? + Infographic!

 Sometimes it’s good to brush up on the basics. And when it comes to digital advertising, nothing gets more basic than learning how exactly Google AdWords works. In this comprehensive guide we cover:
  • What is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising?
  • The AdWords Auction process
  • Pricing in Google Adwords

(Plus, it comes with a super handy infographic you can refer to if you need a refresher)

Let’s get into it 🤓


3 MIN: Vox Media eyes sandboxing to tamp down on malicious ads | Digiday

Publishers are taking a stand. Vox got hit with a ton of spammy gift-card raffle ads and people were pissed. Vox responded by using the sandboxing technique, which requires human vetting of ads on the site. Although the cost is coming out of Vox’s pockets, it’s a short-term loss for long-term gain, especially at a time where credibility is more important than ever.

1 MIN: Google Dropping Merchant Center feed integrations with BigCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop | Search Engine Land

Time to make changes. In 2016, Google allowed integrations between the merchant center and 3rd-party e-commerce platforms. Today, they’re reversing the decision to make “the Shopping Ads onboarding a more seamless experience.” For advertisers, these 3rd party feeds will officially end March 20.

7 MIN: Facebook to roll out global privacy settings hub – thanks to GDPR | Tech Crunch

Smarter digital behavior. Sheryl Sandberg announced new incoming privacy changes to comply with the European Union’s incoming data protection regulation. Users will now be better informed and will have more choices with regards to their privacy and personal data. Legislation often lags behind the quick advancement of technology, but this is a positive step towards a more open and safer internet.


Google Shopping Optimization | Priority Levels Hack 

You can’t adjust your bids on certain keywords when using Google Shopping ads. However, there is a workaround! Hack Google Shopping ads by segmenting your audience through this technique.

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