1. A Deep Dive into the Future of Growth

A must read from one of Uber’s growth strategists. See what else we’ve learned from their strategy here.

2. Google’s Best Practices for Shopping Campaigns

Once you get ramped up you’ll also want a Google Shopping data feed tool to keep your Merchant Center in check.

3. Convincing Management to Invest in Creating Great Content

Why chase clients when they can come to you? That’s the great thing about great content.

 4. Bing Ads Launches Automated Imports to Sync Campaigns from AdWords

Now you can basically manage both accounts at the same time. Get your extensions set up and you’re good to go.



If your audience has common interests unrelated to your business, try experimenting and reaching their appeals through tangential content. The goal is to get your foot in the door, not on-the-spot sales. Here’s an example from Western Union Financial Services:
 Also, don’t be afraid to promote content on Facebook. While traditional ads take less time to create, content articles blend into the feed making them hard to ignore.




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