1. 2 Attributes of the 10x Marketer

Seth Godin keeps it short and sweet, giving 2 of the key attributes that top tier growth marketers share. He makes a great point about knowing when to quit here!

2. Achieve a (near) Perfect Quality Score on AdWords Everytime

The Quality Score is the holy grail of AdWords, but the quest to perfection is treacherous. Our 1-Per Rule flat out gets you the 8-10 score you want. Check it out!

3. 11 Excuses the Best Bloggers NEVER Make

From procrastination to misaligned priorities, this post from Jeff Bullas squashes some of the most common excuses bloggers & content marketers make.

4. Facebook Continues to Dismantle the Like Button

Though the mythical dislike button still dwells beneath the bridge, Facebook continues to phase in emojis or “reactions” with each new update according to Bloomberg


       This Week’s BEST Digital Marketing Jobs

  1. Digital Marketing Growth Hacker @ Sailo – NYC
  2. Marketing Analyst @Doordash – SF
  3. Paid Marketing Manager @ InsightSquared – SF/BOS


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