Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup 130

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #130

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Even amidst the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook’s ad business continues to soar, seeing over a 50% increase and rendering Facebook’s stock price at an all-time high. Congrats Zuckerberg, you’re now the 3rd richest man on Earth 😪.

Let’s not forget – Google is also making major moves with their massive push towards automation. Read more about it right below, in our blog post about Google Marketing Live 2018.


Biggest takeaways from Google Marketing Live

Just a week before Google Marketing Live, Google announced a total rebrand of its advertising and marketing product under the new name: Google Ads. This wasn’t merely a branding play, but a major step forward for Google’s dedication in bringing advertising automation to the next level. Here are the key things that we believe all marketers need to know about Google’s major updates.


3 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook is launching AR ads to lure people to “try on” products advertised on the site

After pledging to boost AR development, Facebook is experimenting with AR ads, something that Snapchat is also trying to perfect. Facebook is currently working with brands like Sephora, Nyx, Pottery Barn, Nike, and Wayfair to allow users to try on a new pair of sunglasses, experiment with make makeup, and even place a piece of furniture in your room.

This experiment has paid off for big-budget advertisers, especially Nike who sold out the Kyrie 4’s within an hour.

4 MIN | GOOGLE Do Google reviews impact local ranking?

Google recently purged nearly 2 million anonymous reviews, leaving behind only reviews with profiles attached to them, affecting over 40,000 local businesses. In this case study, Hawkins concludes that reviews carry significantly more SEO weight out of all 200 other SEO ranking factors.

4 MIN | INSTAGRAM Instagram expands collection ads & shopping bag icon for stories to all brands

Instagram is now granting access to Collection ads and Shopping Bag icons for all advertisers. Collection ads add product carousels to the bottom of an add, while shopping bag icons provide direct product links right on an Instagram story. Full features will be rolled out in time for the holiday season.


B2B Content Marketing with Sujan Patel

While everyone wants to tackle content marketing, no one does it better than Sujan Patel in the B2B space. In this value-packed interview, Sujan breaks down masterclass strategies that’ll undoubtedly inspire your content marketing efforts.

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