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2. 7 Million Dollar Tips for Growth Hacking Your Product

If you don’t want to struggle with first-time pain while learning how you can create and market your business to success, Joey Tawadrous has 7 million-dollar tips for you.

3. 15 Tips For Writing Clever Google AdWords Text Ads

It can be extremely difficult to try and sell your business in just a couple lines of copy. When you’re that limited for space, you’ve got to make every word of your text ads count. Small Business Trends rounded up 15 top tips that will ensure you’re able to write the most clever, effective and marketable text ads on AdWords.

4. [Podcast] Listen First – The Art of Hiring the Best Sales People Possible

We sat down with Andy Paul to talk about the secrets to hiring the best salespeople to take your business to the next level in this week’s Opt-In Podcast.

5. [Infographic] The perfect local SEO landing page

Tips, tricks, and one excellent infographic on building the perfect SEO landing page for your site.



Old adages like “A picture is worth a thousand words” stick around for a reason. This tutorial of the week breaks down Image Ad Extensions for Bing Ads: why you should (or shouldn’t use them), what to expect in terms of performance, and how to set them up yourself.



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