Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #131

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #131

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The EU is upping the ante. They just slapped a whopping $5 Billion fine on Google for messing with some fair-competition laws. Now, that’s a huge statement by the EU, which paints a not-so-bright picture for companies who aren’t complying to the massive GDPR laws.

Well, just in case you missed it, the deadline for compliance was three days ago.

That’s some juicy stuff right there. For more on this and whatever else is going on in the digital marketing world, read on!


The Complete Guide to AdWords Ad Extensions

Taking the time to add Ad Extensions to your campaigns is all upside. You get more real estate, you provide more value to people searching for your keywords, and you save money because it boosts your quality score. In this guide, we’ll show you how to best utilize ad extensions in the New AdWords Experience. Free ebook included!


3 MIN | GOOGLE After Google’s $5Billion antitrust fine, will GDPR enforcement be next? | AdExchanger

Two months have passed since the GDPR deadline, and companies are failing to comply. Google’s massive $5 Billion fine by the EU is a clear statement indicating their intentions of cracking down on GDPR compliance moving forward.

2 MIN |FACEBOOK Facebook updates ad manager app with new creative tools

Facebook just updated their Ads Manager app, touting several new ad creation tools:

  • Text Overlay & Text Policy Checker: Add text and make sure they comply to Facebook’s guidelines
  • Image Cropper: Crop images to fit ad sizes
  • Templates: Full ad templates, stickers, texts, shapes
  • Color Filters: Add Instagram-like filters to your ads

4 MIN | AMAZON Prime Day is more than just discounts as Amazon shows off its advertising cred

Amazon is bypassing agencies are working directly with brands to bolster their ad offerings. Amazon’s massive growth in the ad space was best shown on Amazon Prime Day, which generated over $1billion in revenue and proved the effectiveness of their new ad products.


Link Building Myths Explained

There are tons of resources out there that give us conflicting advice in the digital marketing world, especially when it comes to link building. There are myths about building links too quickly or needing perfectly anchored text for every link you build. In this video by the super talented THE HOTH team, they dispel all the bad advice you’ve ever read about link building and SEO.


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