Amazon is moving into the social space with Amazon Spark and Google is enhancing their job listing service. The big guns are making big moves (so what’s new, right?). Well, read on and find out in another awesome newsletter!



Read: Complete Guide to AdWords Location Targeting

Geographic targeting, or geotargeting for short, allows you to pick and choose where to place your ads based on zip code, place of interest, tourist destination, countries, and more. Learn how in our guide!


Mary Fernandez is a blogger turned entrepreneur, whose work has been featured in Inc., Huffington Post, Search Engine Journal, Creative, Live, and more.

Head over to Persuasion-Nation to read her wide selection of articles and tune in to her awesome podcast!

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Daniel Burka | Protyping Massive Influence

The High Resolution team sits down and interviews Daniel Burka, the design partner at GV, the venture capital arm of Alphabet, Inc.

This interview is packed with golden tidbits on how to work with egos, come up with golden ideas, and collaborate with the most brilliant minds.

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