Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #132

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I’m sure you’ve heard, but Facebook officially lost $123 BILLION in value this week after missing projections by a long shot, while Bezos rolls in some serious dough as Amazon grows 39% (thanks to the cloud).

That’s some juicy stuff. Let’s dig right in.


The Complete Guide to AdWords Ad Extensions

Google AdWords is a powerful platform that gives business owners access to 90% of internet users…but you might be wondering how.

That’s why we put together this infographic to help boil down everything you need to know about how the Auction works. With this knowledge, you’ll have a better grasp of how you can optimize your ads and win every auction in your industry. Read now!


3 MINGOOGLE Google updates its search quality rating guidelines | Search Engine Land

Google released a 164-page guide on how to create quality content that’ll rank well. Here are some key points:

  • Don’t only focus on Domain Authority, but also Page Authority. Make sure the links you win are of the highest quality, or else it’ll be more detrimental to your SEO efforts, even if it’s from a high-authority site.
  • Google is now admitting that social media has a part to play in determining the quality of your content.
  • Sensationalism and clickbait will work against you
  • Get rid of all your low-quality, thin-content pages to improve your authority

4 MINFACEBOOK Facebook’s forecast for the future looks suddenly bleak a after 20% drop in share price | The Verge

Facebook’s stock plummeted after a woeful 2nd quarter, missing Wall Street’s projections. But why? While GDPR, privacy concerns, and a slew of bad press play a large part of this slowdown, one big concern is, well… a lack of people. Out of 3 billion people who have access to Facebook, Facebook reaches 2.23 billion of them. They have to fix the feed or make a deeper pivot. Oh, and Facebook Chief Legal Officer is leaving this year. That man deserves a vacation.

4 MINAMAZON Amazon records another huge quarter thanks to Alexa and the cloud | Engadget

Amazon’s valuation of $52.9 billion is attributed to numerous things, including their increasingly popular ad products, the Alexa, Amazon Prime Day, and Whole Foods. Facebook could learn a thing or two from Amazon’s diverse income streams.



The Rules of Link Building

Last week, we covered the myths behind link building, now it’s time to take it a step further by exploring the core tenets to successful link building. Enjoy this WhiteBoard Friday with Britney.


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