So it finally happened. Jeff Bezos’ is now worth $90.7 billion according to Forbes, which makes him the richest man on the planet, officially surpassing Bill Gates.

This is all following a rather impressive earnings report by Amazon as they continue to dominate the retail space. Read on to find out more!




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Damon Amendolara

Who said radio advertising is dead? Not Damon Amendolara.

Through a campaign eating nearly 75% of ad real estate on New York’s WFAN sports radio station, Amendolara was able to annoy people so much they took the conversation to Twitter and earned him thousands of interactions like this one.

Here’s to getting creative with cross-platform advertising 🍻

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Scott Galloway – The Four – What To Do

The cult hero of Digital Marketing, Scott Galloway, gives a lecture on the impact of the Big Four (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google) in the current markets.

Scott dives into why traditional rules of business just don’t apply to these brands anymore and how we can best prepare ourselves for the future.

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